Ask about our Tree/Shrub Fertilizing

Kevin Answers Your Questions


Why is it Necessary For a Tree Company to Have Insurance?

Tree work is a dangerous job and should only be completed by a professional. Your tree company having liability insurance is important because it protects you as the homeowner. Hiring a tree company with insurance is protecting your home and your property  from potential risk and damage. 

Can I Plant a Tree Incorrectly?

Often we find trees are planted too deep into the soil causing problems over time as the tree grows. Not allowing the tree to develop root flares over time, this can result in a slow tree death. 

Do I Need to Fertilize My Trees ?

Fertilizing trees in an urban area is always a great idea,  but if you start to see any of the below signs;

- Shorter than normal twig growth

- Undersized or fewer leaves than last year

- Dead branches or tips

- Leaf veins darker than leaf margins

Or if you are uncertain please call me. 

My Tree Just Suddenly Died?

We have had customers call and say their tree has suddenly died, generally this is not the case there are many signs an arborist can look for to prevent the death of a tree.